Peter Hammond

Peter Hammond is your friend. He went missing with Yvonne Schubensky within the Salton Sea area, and the whole reason why you and your friends are in the mess you’re in.

Physical Description

Medium to long blonde hair slicked back, aquiline nose, and blue eyes. 6’2 and lanky. Deep voice.


Peter went to Temecula Valley High School around the same time all of you did, and graduated to go to UC Berkley for architecture. After graduating from Berkley, Peter moved back to Temecula until finally being offered a job at the Salton City Restoration Project.

In Relation to the Players

Peter is your long time friend, having been in the Temecula Valley School District’s system since he was a child, he has the potential to have met all the party’s characters if your character so happens to be part of the group of friends looking for Peter.

Peter had been known to be friends with everyone, meaning that a lot of people know of him, but are generally just his acquaintance, however, you are one of his close friends. Known to be kind and rather outspoken, Peter had a knack of being in with the most shut in of crowds.

When he went off to college he made sure to visit everyone back in Temecula on his vacations he’d get. He had also invited you up to his dorm to hang out for a week or so as he was lucky enough to have never had a roommate assigned to him.

As for Peter’s personal life, it was not much of a secret to you guys, seeing as how you were his personal friends. He wasn’t known to exhibit any strange behaviors or needed to take any medication. You knew his parents well enough.

Peter Hammond

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